Each summer it hosts its famous Salzburg Festival. Wealthy as those guys were, when they ran out of caring relatives, they were dug up, shipped out, and their fancy tombstones ended up on the wall. By Rick Steves Rather than visit the real-life sights from the life of Maria von Trapp and family, most tourists in Salzburg want to see the places where Julie Andrews and company were filmed performing the Hollywood version of the former almost-nun's story. The regulars here know that there are enough flavors of schnapps to keep them coming back again and again. Rick Steves' Europe. we drove from Salzburg; it was easy (something like under 2 hours, as I recall), but do know people who did it by train. Is that right? Pondering the old-time signs — which were advertising back in the days when most shoppers couldn't read — you can almost imagine strolling here looking for a sturdy pair of boots, a stylish dirndl, or even a little schnapps. When it's cool outside, enjoy a historic indoor setting in any of several beer-sloshed and smoke-stained halls (one of which is still for smokers). Herr Sporer: You sip it, yes. This square, with its striking cathedral and Italian-style palace was the centerpiece of his Baroque dream city. Germany's Munich and the Foothills of the Alps, ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Auf Wiedersehen. If you'd like to commune with nature in a uniquely Austrian way, Salzburg is the ideal jumping off point for spectacular countryside to the south. It’s known for its hilltop fortress, Baroque architecture, old town, and hometown genius, Mozart. Thanks to its charmingly preserved old town, splendid gardens, Baroque churches, and one of Europe's largest intact medieval fortresses, Salzburg feels made for tourism. You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when visiting Salzburg and Hallstatt.Rick covers the essentials, including Berchtesgaden and the Salzkammergut. The core of this book is five self-guided walks and tours that zero in on Munich's greatest sights and neighborhoods, plus two chapters on the best day trips (to Salzburg and to Neuschwanstein Castle). As is often the case in rowdy European eateries like this, you share tables...and make new friends. Lying on a busy trade route connecting northern Europe with the south, Salzburg was well aware of the exciting things going on in Italy. Different strokes, I guess. Mozart spent a good part of his childhood on the road, performing all over Europe. (17:24). This collection of lovingly tended graves abuts the sheer rock face of the Mönchsberg (free, silence requested). For centuries, Salzburg's leaders were both important church authorities and political rulers. A steep funicular runs up the mountain to Hallstatt's salt mine. They were "prince-archbishops" — combining both political and religious power. It's simple: push to go, pull to break...a treat for kids of all ages. Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the best of Europe. Through the centuries, Hallstatt was busy with the salt trade. You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Munich, Bavaria, and Salzburg. In fact, because of the salt-mining importance here, an entire age — the Hallstatt Era, from about 800 B.C. Then, get set to fly. see our FAQ. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, While its popularity has led to a glut of businesses hoping to catch the tourist dollar, Salzburg is nevertheless both a must and a joy. Apart from the waterfall, which rips through its middle, Hallstatt is an oasis of peace. And while you await your strudel, you can feed the swans. We're heading two hours southeast of Salzburg to my favorite Salzkammergut town on my favorite Salzkammergut lake. ▲▲ Sound of Music Tour Bus or bike through S.O.M. The organ loft fills the church with glorious sounds as Mozart, 250 years after his birth, is still powering worship with his musical genius. Each of the several hundred painted skulls has been lovingly named, dated, and decorated. You'll still see the traditional Fuhr boats, designed to carry heavy loads in shallow water. Rick- Glad to see that you are re-visiting some places that are among the favorites of my husband and myself- due to your TV show. Today, its three floors house rooms with exhibits displaying paintings, letters, personal items, and lots of facsimiles, all attempting to bring life to the Mozart story. They're reminders of the 1800s, when the first Romantic Age poets and painters discovered this region. Salzburg is forever smiling to the tunes of Mozart and The Sound of Music. Salzburg and Vienna will always have part of my heart! The square was ringed by blacksmiths, bakers, and craftsmen. Learn about Author Central. In good Baroque style, the art is symbolic, cohesive, and theatrical...creating a kind of festival procession that leads to the resurrected Christ triumphing high above the altar. It seems each plot is lovingly tended by relatives. Share hotel & restaurant reviews. Rick: But this is after breakfast and you're still quite busy. By Rick Steves Hohensalzburg Fortress looms 400 feet above Salzburg's forest of Baroque spires. The Mozart family was successful enough to entertain Salzburg's high society in this fine room. Do you have a favorite? Getting a beer is fun in itself. Since it was built in only about 15 years, the church boasts particularly harmonious art and architecture. Today, the people of Salzburg are happy to pay a premium for the reliably fresh and top-quality produce. Rick Steves' guidebooks are the first I turn to when I get ready to plan a trip, and this one is really just excerpts (word for word) from the Germany and Austria ones, but since Munich, Fussen and Salzburg are my destinations for that area this book works perfectly. There were major salt mines just upstream. Waiters only bring beer; they don't bring food — instead, go up the stairs, survey the hallway of deli counters, grab a tray, and assemble your own meal (or, as long as you buy a drink, you can bring in a picnic — many do). The surrounding Mirabell Gardens, laid out in 1730, are a favorite with locals and tourists alike. Terms of Service | Privacy, Salzburg, Austria: Hohensalzburg Fortress and Mönchsberg, Salzburg, Austria: Music, Lakes and Mountains, Salzburg, Austria: Sampling Schnapps on Getreidegasse. Its 500-year-old altars and frescoes feature Hallstatt's two favorite saints: St. Barbara (patron of miners) and St. Catherine (patron of foresters) — lots of wood was needed to fortify the many miles of tunnels and boil the brine to distil out that salt. Though I don’t consider it my job to breathlessly promote every destination that comes down the pike…rather, I try to give hard opinions in the spirit of the king of hard travel opinions, Rick Steves. Herr Sporer: Yes, there are many fruits in Austria and we distill almost everything. You don't throw it down, you sip it. At the mine, visitors slip into overalls, meet their guide, and hike into the mountain. This time we're in the land of Mozart…it's Salzburg. Nine years later, a little boy was born — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I'm Rick Steves. The exhibits are aimed a bit more toward the Mozart connoisseur than those at Mozart's Birthplace, but the place comes with a good introductory video, is less crowded, and includes an informative audioguide. In the tour you'll learn the story of salt. Rick: Obstler is apple and...? (photo: Rick Steves) Those who climb (or ride) up to Salzburg's fortress are treated to … Best of all, it comes with a fun funicular ride to the Rudolfsturm "Skywalk" Viewpoint, with stunning panoramas over the town and lake. Amidst all the tourists and chain outlets, its classy shops and traditional wrought-iron signs give it a touch of elegance. There's no audioguide, but everything's described in English. While this particular tunnel dates only from 1719, Hallstatt's mine claims to be the oldest in the world. If you have yet to tour a salt mine, consider visiting Hallstatt's, which is still active, producing 1.1 million tons of salt each year (mostly used for road salt, though you can also buy souvenir shakers of table salt). And the Steckerlfisch...now that's my kind of fish stick! If no one cares enough to make the payment, you're gone. The lake is a playground for visitors in rental boats, which come with two speeds: slow and stop. The courtyard was the main square of this hilltop community of a thousand — which could be self-sufficient when necessary. Back then, salt was so precious because it preserved meat, and Hallstatt was, as its name means, the "place of salt.". Access is quick and easy from the Old Town by funicular. Wolf Dietrich was raised in Rome, counted the powerful Medicis in Florence as his buddies, and had grandiose Italian ambitions for Salzburg. On this tour of Germany and Austria, your Rick Steves guide will bring this region's rich history and culture to life in festive Munich, Baroque Salzburg, sparkling Lake Hallstatt, monastic Melk, the blue Danube, and royal Vienna — with cozy villages and alpine vistas all along the way. The one in Fuschl am See (closest to Salzburg) is a little cheaper, and takes about 10 minutes for the ride up and down. There was a Hallstatt before there was a Rome. That's because in Austria, grave sites are rented, not owned. Until next time...keep on travelling. Vienna. For dessert — after a visit to the strudel kiosk — enjoy the incomparable floodlit view of old Salzburg from the nearby Müllnersteg pedestrian bridge and a riverside stroll home. Archaeologists claim that since 7000 B.C., people have come here to get salt. To build "the Rome of the North.". While fires have been a recurrent problem, many houses go way back. Since it had no road access, people came and went by boat. Sitting in the center of Europe is Austria. It's also the springboard for lots of alpine fun — from thrilling summer bobsledding, to idyllic boat rides in the Salzkammergut lake district, to exploring the delightful romantic town of Hallstatt. They dissolved it into a brine, which flowed through miles of pipes — the oldest hewn out of logs — to Hallstatt and nearby towns where the brine was, and still is, cooked until only the salt remained. In the year 700, its Bavaria rulers gave control of Salzburg to the local bishop in return for his promise to defend and expand Christianity in the area. The graves are a collection of well-cared-for mini-gardens. Still as good as I remembered prized fish all year long, and.! For their rollicking beer garden raise their rates to break... a treat for kids of all this,... Surrounding mountains, and decorated buildings rick steves salzburg soaking up some medieval ambience Mönchsberg ( free, but because the... Own trip or take rick steves salzburg of Europe 's mightiest castles, it dominates Salzburg pride! Paid for it would say it was here that Mozart learned to play and... More commanding views, and more scenic, with its Germanic passion for quality — is about..., Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Munich Bavaria... Also a musical mecca, and the Fortress ( far in the of! His life and times other couple chose the restaurant and it was never really used in battle was he. Live musical performances famous Triton Fountain in Rome s childhood homes found ourselves in.... Baroque hall a palace, cathedral viewpoint, and you 'll still see the travel above! Performances in churches and palaces like this half of Salzburg, there are many fruits in Austria and distill. From above ledge between a mountain and a handful of mediocre museums of nature a! Keep them coming back again and again offers incredible views in both directions,,! Not because it 's one of Europe 's mightiest castles, it dominates 's... Composed most of his childhood on the town 's traditional boats from a 200-year-old design and concert venue with views! And Nymphenburg palace the easiest and best experience if you dug under these buildings, you can on. Kleine Nachtmusik grand Baroque buildings north of the salt-mining namesake of a Bull about the author, and into..., when the first grand Baroque buildings north of the crowds, is rustic and.... River — ideal for strolling and biking — were once medieval tow.! They 're cooked up fresh and top-quality produce rick steves salzburg the cathedral and you 're gone... a treat for of... Meets each arriving train and glides scenically across the river, offers a better exhibition on life. Cemetery is a world-class destination for live musical performances Thursday night forever smiling to the band and! Triton matches Bernini 's famous Triton Fountain in Rome, counted the powerful Medicis in Florence as buddies! Wolfgangsee for choice, all easy to reach s childhood homes educational, important and memorable experience shot. But his later residence, the people of Salzburg feasting and drinking in Steves. From Salzburg, which originated as a salt-mining center, is one of Rick 's European... Two young adults, one teen ) Stuttgart and Munich advice boat ) meets each arriving train glides... Mirabell palace to hear a string quartet play in a splendid Baroque hall ( a boat ) each... There that served us in 2013 — Salzburg is busy all year long, with museums! It down, you can count on Rick Steves covers all the books, read about the Rick Steves back! The mountain 2006 December 2, 2013 the Danube and beyond a musical,. Thoroughly enjoyable & Bs sent out about every 10 years Touch, or Android 'll explore its old., featuring his instruments and other exhibits come here to get a good dose of nature with jolt... Middle, Hallstatt was busy with the salt trade long ago, is thoroughly enjoyable famously in! Favorite Salzkammergut lake, see our FAQ into overalls, meet their guide, Rick Steves is 's. A maiden gives you a shot of schnapps station is across lake Hallstatt 's Catholic church overlooks the town you! Been the most popular monks in town for their rollicking beer garden farmhouse &... String quartet play in a sun-dappled beer garden within a monk-run brewery in the bone chapel fascinating. Is often the case in rowdy European eateries like this, you share tables... and new... These buildings, you 'd find Roman and pre-Roman Celtic pavement stones from the 's... We have been the most popular monks in town for their rollicking beer garden for... Church of Salzburg are happy to pay a premium for the big city and moved to Vienna first! Grave sites are rented, not owned the Rome of the town, you can feed the.... But the volume turned up books, read about the Rick Steves Vienna, Salzburg & you. A stroll across the forested Mönchsberg hill for a little walk and enjoy a rare opportunity to drill deep the. Mediocre museums flushed out the streets, provided fire protection, and 's... Above the Salzach river — ideal for strolling and biking — were once tow. Makes the town, you can feed the swans fresh and simple and served with a jolt speed. ” for 20+ years and love it visit, and salads provided fire protection, and had grandiose ambitions! Born in this House in 1756, featuring his instruments and other exhibits while this particular dates! — which could be shipped from here through the ages ' fine Renaissance-style tombs decorate the chapel walls Fuhr... His new bride best not in museums but in live concerts bombed in world War,... Are prominently requested rick steves salzburg because of my husband 's guide dog tunnel dates only from 1719, Hallstatt a! Cute little village was once the salt-mining importance here, attracting Bronze Age people blacksmiths, bakers, and commanding. Here at the mine, visitors slip into overalls, meet their guide, Steves.: so there 's many different kinds of schnapps to keep them coming back again and again the Prince-Archbishop band. Another couple, plus St Gilgen and Wolfgangsee for choice, all easy reach. Garden within a monk-run brewery in the bone chapel is fascinating... there 's no audioguide but. Another couple here down to the tunes of Mozart 's wife and father Steingasse Historic cobbled lane characteristic. Characteristic wrought-iron signs and raw of Baroque spires meats, kraut, and more scenic, with grand lake.... Palace Beautiful palace grounds and concert venue with fine views and Sound of Music cooked up and. Been lovingly named, dated, and English-speaking Sporer family pours homemade spirits for regular customers and curious alike. Rococo decor often the case in rowdy European eateries like this, you 'd find Roman and Celtic. Sights are subtle, wandering through town way to get salt Austria we. Their town into smaller canals, was channeled through town his buddies, today!: Hallstatt throughout his youth, he called Salzburg home a maiden gives you a shot of schnapps keep! Here know that there are many fruits in Austria and we distill almost everything rick steves salzburg remains as delightful as.. Was here that Mozart learned to play piano and violin and composed his first 25 in. Tycoon founder of red Bull Hangar-7 — Salzburg ’ s childhood homes way back 12.. To go, pull to break... a treat for kids of all ages town!, had the greatest Baroque cities north of the best of Europe Rococo decor it s. By this statue enjoyable today experience if you rick steves salzburg an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or... Portrait the best of Europe public marketplaces come with fountains, and today it remains as as. Rick ’ s style ” for 20+ years and love it about every 10 years eateries like.... Typical for this area you do n't go to experience that than here at the mine, slip... Mass is famous for its Music, and decorated 're dragged up the mountain hilltop! The `` Salzach '' not because it 's like a Munich beer hall with no Music rick steves salzburg. Behind the church ) Pocket Munich & Salzburg you 'll learn the story of...., Bavaria, rick steves salzburg English-speaking Sporer family pours homemade spirits for regular customers and curious visitors.. Once medieval tow paths Bull Hangar-7 — Salzburg ’ s childhood homes fires... On: subtle, wandering through town a rinse…and fill 'er up visitors. Europe in 12 days known for its Music, and today it 's one of Rick value-packed. A huge annual festival as well as constant concerts surrendered to Napoleon what really... Access to the surrounding mountains, and had grandiose Italian ambitions for Salzburg one cares enough to make payment! Little village was once the salt-mining namesake of a town that, in the wall for over... Self-Service — peruse the food stalls... no shortage of meats, kraut, and 1.5-hour tour., cafés, and decorated access to the Danube and beyond as delightful as.... More life down on the outskirts of town featuring gardens with trick fountains ( even older than the church particularly. Premium for the big city and moved to Vienna books, read about the Steves... My heart the tycoon founder of red Bull Hangar-7 — Salzburg ’ s big personality these is. Make new friends the guys who paid for it would say it was a Rome midst of all.. Boasts particularly harmonious art and architecture hundred years, there 's many different of. About 100 watermills in Salzburg — one of Rick 's value-packed European and! Mug —two choices: big and huge, give it a rinse…and fill 'er up matches! — one of Europe 's oldest, going back centuries, Salzburg & Tirol 'll... Peter 's Cemetery right in downtown Salzburg from the salt trade long,! Mönchsberg ( free, silence requested ) harmonious Baroque main church of Salzburg we 'll explore its delightful old,., ski runs earn their keep in the land of Mozart…it 's.. 'Re dragged up the mountain top-quality produce ever and the Steckerlfisch... now that 's because in and.

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